Federal Government Worker Australia 

Personality Brew: Decaf

Date of Birth: October 22nd // Libra ♎️

Favourite Quote: “Seek first to understand then to be understood."  - Stephen R. Covey

"It doesn't take one perfect person to save our planet.  It takes the small actions of many to make the biggest impact." - unknown 

Favourite Song: Just Taylor Swift in general (Please don't make me choose I'll be here all day haha)

Can't Live Without: My motorcycle, the forest, my cat (Luna) and my partner/best friend (Nathan). 

Life Advice: 
1. Open, Honest communication is the best Policy
2. Don’t write something down if you don’t want it to be read
3. Passion is fleeting marry your best friend.
4. A life of less stuff and life lived with intention and mindfulness is a life worth living and the answer to the question your soul is asking.
(All of these are my own)

Coffee Order: large 1/2 shot almond latte



Anything else you want to share: Next time you go to replace or purchase, choose with intention, pay attention to what the item is made of, is it recyclable? Can you buy 2nd hand instead? Do you really actually want it? Is there a more environmentally sustainable option I can choose?


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Larissa Newberry

Larissa Newberry

Saudha Ifham

Saudha Ifham

Zoë Alexandria H. // PHOTOGRAPHER

Zoë Alexandria H. // PHOTOGRAPHER