Caterina Pannocchia // STUDENT

Caterina Pannocchia


Date of Birth: 27/02/2002

Koze Quiz Brew: Coffee Brew

Member Level: Coffee Companion

Favourite Quote: "because I become more myself everyday I always look forward to tomorrow"

Favourite Song: invisible string - taylor swift

Can’t live without...: hiking in the mountains, eating chocolate, old records

Best Life Advice: your growth is the primary thing you should be committed to and you should be the most important person in your own life

Fav Coffee Order: espresso shot

Anything else you want to share: this is a poetic prose written by me (please be kind english is not my first language)

"i know your mind is as light as the clouds, and sometimes it flies away in the heavens of your fantasy. you find yourself absorbed in some kind of daydream that feels comfortable like heavy blankets in a winter evening. i know sometimes your fingertips frantically try to grasp intangible butterflies and ethereal thoughts. i know that most of the time you’re just scared of keeping your feet on the ground. being attached to the real world feels like captivity and all you can think about is how negatively you feel and how much you look forward to the closest occasion to escape again. you can’t help but flinch from the version of yourself you’ve been seeing in the mirrors of reality. 

but there will come compassion, there will come a feeling of never-ending tenderness for yourself and it will be like coming home and finding a grown, charming you holding the door open. then no mirror will be capable of making you feel unsightly, even though the features of yourself it reflects are the same ones you used to run away from. now the complete sight of yourself is the thing you desire the most: you run your fingertips over your skin, you look at yourself in your own eyes and dive deep into your own soul, in a new undeniable urge to discover who you are and who you want to be."

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Jennifer Kirby // LAW STUDENT

Jennifer Kirby // LAW STUDENT