Debra Dos Reis

Team Leader & Part-Time Student

Date of Birth: 04/07

Koze Quiz Brew: Cosmic Brew

Favorite Quote: "Life is about learning how to dance in the rain."

Favorite Song: (Currently) All Night by Jane B

Can’t live without...: Music, books, coffee and something to write in. 

Best Life Advice: "Anything you want to learn: work hard, and self-study." 

Fav Coffee Order: Depends on the day :)

Anything else you want to share: This is something I wrote before my 25th birthday. It's a good reminder to look back on. 

25 Reflection~ 

Songs about 25: Palette by IU and 25 by Wheein's Mamamoo

When life happens, what matters more is how you take it and place it into your life. If it takes time to heal, that's fine. Don't allow life to make you bitter.

Understand that people do, sometimes, only appear for a season. Whether that was to help you or to train you. Take it and understand that, and be grateful for it. Don't be forever sad if they leave.

BUT don't take the people who stay for granted. Love them. Cherish them. They are part of your pack. Let them know. 

Don't go a day without speaking to the family- say hello. Time is of the essence. 

Your animals- those wonderful, sweet creatures- they love you with every ounce of their soul. Treat them, celebrate them. You are all they got.

Speaking of time, it isn't something free or given, the time we believe we have on Earth is an illusion. Don't waste time. Pick something and if that's what you chose to do- don't be guilty about it. Enrich yourself, teach yourself. Better yourself. Not in comparison to others, but a better version of yourself. Don't pay attention to comparisons. You do you. 

If you find your soulmate, keep them. Work on the relationship. Stay. Love. Love is rare at this time, and lifetime, sadly.

Don't dwell on past relationships. Allow time to heal of course, but if you have the power to find closure, just find it already and save the overthinking. It's not worth it. If it ended, then it ended. If you have a gut feeling, trust it. Stop with the what-ifs.

Daydream to your heart's content. It feeds the soul. 

Feed your creative side. Life isn't meant to be mundane. You are not mundane. Read, write, paint- follow your past wonders. DO not let go of your passions.

@ 25- you need to start getting your life together- wake up early, actually get sleep, stop rushing everywhere, do your HW, setup your sh!t, fuel your soul and body. Take care of yourself mentally and physically. Stop acting like a clueless “teenager”. You're not a teenager anymore. You are wiser than you know. Become a new sense of mature, do things that scare you, don’t let anxiety hold you down, don’t let yourself hold you down, love fiercely, take chances and adjust your lifestyle to the one in your dreams.

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Jenni Burke

Jenni Burke