Devin Colbert 

Digital Media Partner + Recruiter 

Date of Birth: Feb 17th // Aquarius 

Koze Quiz Brew: Cosmic Brew 

Favourite Quote: "Just because you can doesn't mean you should" - Sherrilyn Kenyon 

Favourite Song: Currently "I Hate Everybody" By Halsey 

Can’t live without...: Music. It always readjusts my mood, inspires me and can remind me of memories I had long forgotten or placed deep in the back of my mind. 

Best Life Advice: Face your fears daily. If the idea of something scares you then move through it and overcome it. On the other side there is so much beauty and fulfilment in overcoming even the smallest fear. 

Fav Coffee Order: Iced Soy Chai Latte with an espresso shot 

Anything else you want to share:

Included a poem to know me better without ever meeting me. Called Where I am from.

Where I’m from…

I am from pixie dustThe ballerina in my jewelry boxFrom the melodies so soft and sweatFrom timid voices with big laughterI am from a man and a womanWhat my children will not beI am from a once single mother with a half sibling as a sisterI am from a generation of false positivesA home of hope and faithWhere a youth group saved my soulAnd a secret dammed my familyI am from a place where picking up the pieces is normalAnd following your heart is uncommonWith no revolving doorsWhere dance is life and home depot was my stageMovies and pizza filled my FridaysFailing wasn’t a fear but an optionPractice always made perfectBright colors and sunrisesSand on my feet and water in my viewWhere sirens blaredI am from an area that survived destruction

I am from those momentsA soul well-disguised and hiddenFinally moving forward

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Vicky // CARER

Vicky // CARER

Saudha Ifham

Saudha Ifham