How To Become a Koze Member



How to become a member of the Koze community:

Opt. One) Get cozy and come hangout. 

This platform will always be here as a cozy corner to browse feel-good content, surf inspirational layers and shop any of the all things Koze books and kozie collections!  Videos, podcasts and blog posts will be posted between here and the All Things Koze YouTube platform. 

Think of us as your fav online café.

Come on in, order a coffee, take a seat, make yourself at home.
Feel free to read one of the used books off the shelves in the back.
Optional attire: comfort wear 

Opt. Two) Sign up to become a Koze member: 

There's an option currently listed on the All Things Koze YouTube platform that allows you to upgrade your Koze services. Click the "Join" button for tiers and prices. 

picture this...
It's 1920. Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five is playing in the background just as the Sunday morning sun cracks through the window.  You turn on the kettle and grab the latest Koze Weekly Brew from your front porch, unfolding the newspaper in your lap before indulging in that first morning sip.

Only it's 100 years later and you're unlocking the notification to the latest Koze member brew that's been delivered to the community board or blog.   

Each week you'll be sent fresh content, quotes, inspiration, member perks, special discounts, early access to exclusive content and first word on events and meet-ups. 

Opt. Three) Send Your Member Profile In 

Now that we're all hanging out, you may as well sign your name on the virtual cafe walls of this space. You can take the membership brew quiz so we know what cup you brew best with, then fill out the information below and email it to us at for a chance to be featured as a member of the week. 

Name + Occupation:
Date of Birth:
Koze Quiz Brew:
Favourite Quote:
Favourite Song:
Can’t live without...:
Best Life Advice:
Fav Coffee Order:
Anything else you want to share:
(a story, a poem, something you've created, something that inspires you - feel free to get creative or leave blank)

** Please attach a high quality photo for your member brew page! **


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Kyra Nicholson

Kyra Nicholson