Nicole McCord 

Yoga Instructor ( almost done with my 200hr!!) 


Date of Birth: 12/22/1994 ( do y’all believe in cups signs? I’m fully a Sagi-corn)


Koze Quiz Brew: Cosmic Brew ~


Favourite Quote: “ We are all divine beings having a human experience.” 


Favourite Song: The sound - the 1975, that’s my go to happy place song 


Can’t live without...: My dog. She’s a husky mix with heterochromia and appropriately named Maya Luna 


Best Life Advice: if you want something badly enough go after it, living in your purpose is much more valuable than money will ever be. 


Fav Coffee Order: a hazelnut soy latte from Starbucks. ( during fall, a pumpkin cream cold brew hits different though) 


Anything else you want to share: I wrote this story poem thing this year when I felt really alone, and consumed by my anxieties. I’ve always looked up to the moon for comfort. I hope you enjoy. ✨


Invisible Light 

The drive home is dark, rainy, and sad.

“ Where is she? “ I wonder looking at the depressing scene as I wonder if something bad happened. 

I’m nervous, unsure, and as I pull into my driveway, I look around the sky before exiting my car.

“ She’s always here by now” I’m more nervous now, as I get out of my car and start wandering the yard, eyes on the sky. 

Today was a hard day, I don’t feel like myself. I feel alone, and incomplete. 

“ I could really use your light today.” I say as I am again, staring at an empty, dark, cloud filled night sky. 

I decide to lay in the grass and keep staring at the sky, the darkness starts to feel comforting in a strange way. 

There’s a breeze now at least, the grass is is wet as the rain starts to slow and stop. 

At least out here I have grass, I have a breeze, I’m not alone like I am inside. 


Then suddenly I look up and see a silver sliver. 

I’m straining to see what that is, then I here a familiar voice “ I never left.” 

She’s here, but she’s different today. 

“ I’m sorry, I didn’t see your light. I didn’t think you were with me today.” 

The clouds start passing a little faster, her light is dimming and shining on and off every couple seconds, but I know she’s there.

“ My child, I am always with you” she whispers. 

“ Are you okay? Your light isn’t as bright as it normally is.” I say confused and concerned for my greatest friend. 

“ I just don’t appear to be full today, we seem to have that in common, you and I” she sounds assuring, as if she can read my mind. 

“ I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I know myself, I don’t sound convincing in any regard. 

“ My child, even when parts of me are dark I am always full. Even when my light seems to be only a sliver, I am complete and just as powerful as when I fully illuminate this sky.” She paused and continued, “ Allow this to serve as a reminder, my humble child. That no matter what changes we go through, we are never in complete darkness. You are light, even when you’re not full. You are complete, even when you don’t appear it.” 

A single tear falls from my cheek to the ground as I understand. 

This is why I look to her, how blessed am I to be able to look up and see the light that illuminates the night? How blessed am I to be able to look into a nights sky, and see with my own eyes the same light that lives within me, no matter how full. 

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Megan Mischinski // ARTIST

Megan Mischinski // ARTIST