Samantha Noel Van Sickle 

Actor, Producer, Screenwriter

Represented by People Store Talent Agency in ATL


President and CEO of Time Fray Productions


Accounting clerk on Ozark 📺 


Date of Birth: December 17 ( 🌞 sag 🌙 gem ⬆️ gem)



Koze Quiz Brew: Decaf brew ☕️ (totally see it personality-wise but yo girl needs caffeine irl lmao) 


Favourite Quote: “Find someone who has a life that you want and figure out how they got it. Read books, pick your role models wisely. Find out what they did and do it.” —Lana Del Rey ✨


Favourite Song: Mariners apartment complex— Lana Del Rey (although I have MANY. My favorite artists are LDR, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, Coldplay, Paramore, Alison Wonderland, Illenium, ahhhh now I’m overthinking it I love so many people’s music lolol)


Can’t live without...: My industry. My work. I absolutely LOVE what I do, every aspect of it. In front of the camera and behind it.


Best Life Advice: Honestly best life advice IS my favorite quote.


Fav Coffee Order: I’ve been digging chai tea lattes with a scoop of matcha (which doesn’t exactly count as a coffee)


During the fall I love everything pumpkin spice, during the winter I love peppermint mochas, and during the spring and summer I do enjoy cold brews with cold foam 😋)


Anything else you want to share: I started a YouTube channel, but have struggled to find the time for content creation because I’m so swamped. I work on Ozark from 9-7 M-F and once I’m done, I get home and usually have meetings for my production company, meetings with my mentor, meetings for a group of females in film that I’m a part of, or if I don’t have meetings, I’m usually working on developing my screenplays, or have auditions to tape, etc. 

Part of me misses the early days of quarantine where I had nothing but time and so I just crammed my brain full of online classes and created content.

Watching YouTubers like you who work so hard to provide content and make it your full time job inspires me to find the time.

I hope to continue with my channel and breathe life back into it soon.

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Ally Michener // RECEPTIONIST

Ally Michener // RECEPTIONIST



Ashlee Nicole // COLLEGE STUDENT

Ashlee Nicole // COLLEGE STUDENT