12 Week Half-Marathon Training Schedule + DOWNLOAD


Hey all you comfort queens! 

Today I've broken down the 12 week training schedule I used to train for a 1/2 marathon! For any of you that want to embark on the journey, run your own personal 1/2 marathon or join in with virtual groups or challenge friends and family members, this schedule can get you there! 

If you're new to running, I would focus first on working up to a 5km run for a few weeks before jumping into the challenge.  It'll make not only training so much more enjoyable, but it'll also make actual race day and the new routine much safer and easier on your body! 

Also, make sure you support your training with lots of good feeling and feeling foods and tons of rest and hydration.  Should you be down for the challenge, you'll want to be on a team with your body.  Think of it like being the trainer and the coach all at once making sure your increase in activity is balanced out by increases of rest, stretch and nourishing foods ✨

Last but not least, if you need a playlist to keep you company here's 5 hours of running rhythms to tune into:  




 download them from google drive here: Download Schedule

I also vlogged my race day including running tips and a summary of what you may learn from the challenge ✨



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Lylliam Cuadra September 11 2020

I’m having trouble seeing the 12 week half-marathon training schedule + DOWNLOAD it looks blurry when I zoom in..maybe I did it wrong

Chels September 11 2020

Sorta new to running but someone super close to me convinced me that I should start to implement it into my workouts. I’m gunna take you up on starting with 5km and hopefully start this challenge soon!

Amanda September 11 2020

Thank you so much for your training guide!!! It’s so hard to find one in kilometres!!!

Maggie September 11 2020

Hi Kalyn, I’m not sure if its just me but I can’t download the training schedule and the photos are really blurry and text is unreadable :(( how can I fix this? Thanks!

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