15 Ways To Get More Organized



Becoming a more organized person is more than just colour coordinating your closet or keeping a running daily to-do list in a planner. As human beings, we are lucky (or perhaps cursed, but that's a talk for another time) to be conscious of the immeasurable value of our two most precious resources; energy and time. So taking a chunk of that energy and time to implement simple systems and make small steps towards leading a more easily organized life now will free up much more of that same valuable time and energy in the future.

In case you've missed it, by organizing your life, you are creating more time and space for yourself in the future -- open opportunities to plant seeds and make headway on the dreams you play on before falling asleep at night or time with the people who matter most to you! 

Here are 15 easy ways to become more organized! 


1. Start writing everything down. 

  • thoughts, ideas, reminders, questions, notes about your day that you noticed bring something up in you
  • do it digitally on your phone, or keep a small notebook of unorganized thoughts that you keep nearby every day 
  • always come back to this or do this for a few days whenever you feel you've fallen off your organized bandwagon or are starting fresh 


2. Categorize your notes.

Ideas include : 

  • personal, work, home, relationships 
  • ideas, tasks, reminders, goals
  • urgent, important, neutral, not important 

 Once you begin doing this more, you'll start to create your flare and style with how you like to organize and categorize all the golden nuggets planted about your brain. 


3. Start using a planner, calendar, or bullet journal.

Things to consider: 

  • Accessibility: do you want it to be digital or on paper? 

- Using apps, phones, etc. helps set reminders and collaborate tasks. 

- Using planners allows privacy as well as a calming aspect with a framework made out for you. 

- Bullet journals are unique to how you choose to document and organize, and though requiring a bit more effort and time, are like an open map of your life, which makes great memorabilia. 

  • Simplicity: what system will be easiest for you to keep on top of 

For instance, you may just need to remind yourself of important dates and appointments. Hence, you choose one calendar method vs. the enjoyment that might go into chunking time out of your Sunday to map all your thoughts, goals, and to-dos into a personalized spread in your bullet journal. 

  • Purpose: what are is the purpose of your planning? 

- do you want to stay on top of work tasks?

- is it to keep essential birthdays, and your social schedule evenly spread across your weeks? 

- are you mapping out personal projects or goals you're looking to accomplish? 


4. Create a tidy up practice.


  • doing a daily 15min tidy after dinner 
  • using every Sunday as a chore day 
  • picking one day a month to do a deep clean 


5. Create a budgeting system. 

  • DIY your own financial goals and systems for tracking expenses 
  • Use helpful apps or learn to utilize your banking app to keep organized and set limitations. 
  • Hire an accountant or bookkeeper.  


6. Start setting alarms and reminders.

  • If you have a new habit or hobby, you want to work on, set the alarm for that time every day. 
  • Use your phone reminders to stay on top of due dates and deadlines. 
  • Set alarms or reminders for budget days, deep cleaning days, birthdays, anniversary dates and doctors appointments 


7. Declutter your tech. 

  • Use folders 
  • Delete things you've backed up 
  • Uninstall apps you have no use for 
  • Personalize your tech for its main purpose for you


8. Unsubscribe and sort your emails into folders. 

  • take a few extra minutes when going through your inbox to unsubscribe 
  • as you answer emails, move them into conversation history folder 
  • as you close out email chains, file them into an appropriate folder (hint: you can use the same categories you used for your notes above) 


9. Put things away. 

Two main things to remember here: 

  • Give everything in your home a purpose (or do yourself a favour and donate, rid yourself of the objects that hold no meaning). 
  • Give everything in your house a place (that way whenever you finish using items, they can go back to where they belong and cut down on clutter and clean up time) 


10. Give one buy one rule.

The idea is simple: for every object that comes into your home, get rid of something that no longer holds a purpose (or that brings you the least amount of joy) 


11. Create a GYST binder or file folder 

Things to keep organized inside: 

  • important paperwork
  • important documents
  • a written password log 
  • work and personal receipts
  • memorabilia (movie tickets, plane tickets, cool finds) 
  • extra birthday cards 
  • gift cards  


12. Create routines by habit stacking. 

  • Decide what habits you want to do daily, weekly, monthly. 
  • Stack simple habitual steps on top of one another so that you create yourself a routine 
  • Daily Example: morning routine - read, stretch, meditate, go for a walk, get ready for the day. 
  • Weekly Example: Saturday - connect with friends, digital detox // Sunday - chore day, skincare routine 
  • Monthly Example: 15th - budgeting day // 1st Sunday - deep clean 


13. Set your house clocks 5 minutes fast. 

  • Keeps you 5 minutes ahead of calls, appointments and time to leave the house 


14. Plan your meals and grocery lists. 

  • Ask yourself, "what do I want to eat/feed the family this week?" 
  • Break down the ingredients and portions of each needed 
  • Draw up a grocery list 
  • Keep the list and collect different weeks of meals and snacks you can pull out anytime.


15. Close unused accounts and get rid of old clothing and objects. 

  • closeout accounts or memberships that don't serve a purpose in your life 
  • donate clothing that no longer fits or makes you confident and comfortable in your body 
  • donate or give away objects that hold no value to you or don't serve a purpose in your life 


By following just a few of the steps above, you'll feel the peace of mind that comes from creating more space and time both in your life and inside your mind.  

Happy GYSTing ✨


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Annika August 11 2021

Can you please share what wall calendar and planner you are currently using?

clayaanderson February 25 2021

i love this, helped me become so organized which is soo helpful bc i’m a lawyer

- clayaa

Laura Dela June 8 2020

These tips are TRULY helpful and have come in such a great time for me! Thank you for ACTUALLY helping others out there. Being more organized, here I come.

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