25 Things To Do Spring 2019



It's officially spring.
It's time to clean out our closets, organize our thoughts and pull out our sun-dresses.
I always look forward to spring for the sense of renewal that accompanies it. Whether it's changing around my space with some fresh flowers for a new feel or donating what no longer serves a purpose in my life to feel a new weight come off of my shoulders, this season is one for shedding the old and planting the new.

If you're looking for some ways to get festivally floral while you count down the days until the first heat wave of summer 2019, I wrote out my list…

1. Spring Clean

2. Revamp your look

3. Buy yourself some flowers

4. Get some fresh air

5. Read something new

6. Listen to new music

7. Declutter your space

8. Let go of old habits

9. Start some new ones

10. Paint your nails a pastel colour

11. Bake something new & fresh (lemon loaf perhaps?) 

12. Try a new coffee spot

13. Go for a bike ride

14. Have a spring photo shoot with friends

15. Hit up the local library to read, write or work

16. Get brunch (in brunch pants)

17. Try a new yoga or workout class

18. Update your skin care routine

19. Make yourself a budget plan for summer 

20. Listen to a guided meditation

21. Complete one of your long procrastinated tasks

22. Open up the windows and burn some new soy candles

23. Buy yourself a spring closet staple (personally obsessed with jackets) 

24. Start a new journal (i.e. dream journal... my dreams have been whack) 

25. Make a summer game plan

Knocking a few already off of my list, I plan on sharing any others with you guys as I go (be it video or on my socials).
May this inspire you to shine a little light on this fresh new season and spring yourself into a brand new rhythm.

to the moons of jupiter and back,


Photos Shot By: Arthur Parra




  • Thanks for sharing!! You’re so inspiring! <3

  • Gorgeous photos! I’m obsessed with that jacket <3 I just did #24 and have started a little quote journal.


    -Emily B.

    Emily Burkhead
  • I sure need a spring re-fresh! Thanks for the list, definitely going to check out some of these ideas. Already checked off one: found an amazing coffee shop today, currently enjoying a very generous mug off coffee and trying to outline what else I want to do this spring.


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