60 Things To Do Inside!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock (which if you are, stay there) you've probably heard of the global spread of coronavirus.  I'm not here to riddle the facts (nearly 200,000 cases world-wide), add to the growing fear and panic (please don't go out and buy 90 rolls of toilet paper, sharing is caring) or update on the better news of this pandemic (nearly 82,000 recovered ✨) because it's not my expertise. 

That said, something I like to believe I am privy to is knowing how to make nearly any space cozy, enjoy some of the more simpler pleasures of life and get super comfortable in little to no company.  Upon cancelling the final two weeks of my trip abroad and one of three very long flights home, I drafted up a list of things to do in isolation (knowing upon arriving home I'd be advised to do so despite visiting and travelling home from and through level 1 countries). 

Before diving in, I want to take a quick second to explain why social distancing and staying at home during this time is so important, whether you think you're at risk of getting sick or not...

Many people that have the virus aren't experiencing symptoms for a number of days in the beginning.  So let's say you had it, or interacted closely with someone who did, and then you went about your day normally interacting with 10 different people, those 10 would then carry it to another 10 creating a quick rippling effect.  The problem with so many people contracting the virus so quickly (no need to panic, there's a >%4 death rate of the virus) is that it spikes the amount of people then needing medical help, assistance or medications.  Social distancing and self-isolation helps to flatten that curve so that our systems have time to keep up with the pace of the spread.  

"Flattening the curve refers to using protective practices to slow the rate of COVID-19 infection so hospitals have room, supplies and doctors for all of the patients who need care."
Source: Hopkins Medicine 

Elderly people as well as those with medical conditions (especially that of the immune system or respiratory kind) have a higher risk of danger contracting the virus.  Even if you know and believe yourself to be fine, let's keep our best friends grandparents, our neighbours child and our health care systems safe by taking precautionary measures now.  

Why not take the opportunity to close your doors and go inside both physically and metaphorically?
Take a chapter for your spirit and a page from your lifetime novel to slow down life, simplify your daily needs and do a little soul work while we give the world a chance to catch it's breath.


Here's 60 things you can do during self-isolation 

  1. Read, read, read -- I've got a reading list coming out next 
  2. Make playlists of your favourite songs
  3. Beat a new video game
  4. Have a shameless Netflix marathon (I restarted Vampire Diaries on the plane because why not) 
  5. Write that book you've been thinking about 
  6. Play around with indoor photography 
  7. Play board games with loved ones or cards/puzzles with yourself 
  8. Cook yourself a lavish dinner or master a new recipe 
  9. Take up journalling or start a new bullet journal
  10. Finally cave-in to the masses and start posting Tik Tok videos
  11. Catch up on your favourite Youtube channels
  12. Start your own Youtube channel
  13. Paint
  14. Learn how to sketch
  15. Do some yoga
  16. Do a long guided or solo meditation (I bet you'll hit some deep places) 
  17. Build the childhood fort of your dreams
  18. Have an indoor picnic 
  19. Research something you've always wanted to (astrology, quantum physics, plant-based diets, how to start a business, literally anything) 
  20. Go social-media or technology free for a day 
  21. Learn a new language 
  22. Learn a new instrument 
  23. Deep clean your entire house
  24. Revamp your style and colour coordinate your closet
  25. Have a self-care, home-spa day (body scrubs, treatments, go all out) 
  26. Finally declutter and clear off your phone and laptop 
  27. Write letters or poems for the people you love
  28. Make (or update) a dream board
  29. Take a loooooong bubble bath (shuffle up that new playlist, read a new book or watch a favourite show/movie of yours) 
  30. Watch all the best movie classics (or Disney classics/Scary movie classics if you've already done this)
  31. Rearrange and redecorate your bedroom... or your entire house
  32. Start a memory book or box of your life 
  33. Have a bake/cook off via FaceTime with a friend 
  34. Finally organize and strategize your finances 
  35. Order your favourite meal and have a solo date night (or a doggy-date night with your furry friend) 
  36. Watch the world from your window (this one sounds weird but it's actually a really relaxing way to meditate) 
  37. Create a new look by playing around with hair, makeup and your clothes 
  38. Dig deep into a new conspiracy theory or unsolved murder 
  39. Learn a new dance sequence online 
  40. Travel using google maps (this is more fun than it sounds) 
  41. Inspire yourself with ted-talk videos 
  42. Pull out some art and crafts and make some DIY's 
  43. Throw a mini-isolation-party (we're talking a few people also doing isolation with you -- make sure you don't all go off separately and join other isolation parties or groups of people because that will defeat the purpose) 
  44. Try out a new podcast 
  45. Learn how to knit, do the moonwalk or juggle 
  46. Start a blog and start daily documenting
  47. Go for a long drive or hike/walk somewhere isolated in nature
  48. Play indoor soccer/basketball/ping-pong/etc. 
  49. Spend a day naked (a really fun way to fall back in love with your skin, bonus points if you feel prompted to take some spicy pics in your spare time.. you ain't got to send them to take them/appreciate them) 
    -- or if you're isolating with your SO...*ok google, play Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye*
  50. Do some online networking (or online shopping... but consciously -- perhaps some materials for those DIY's?)
  51. Try going spend-free for a week
  52. Call up a family member you haven't talked to in a while 
  53. Catch up on sleep 
  54. Look into your family tree/roots 
  55. Reminisce on childhood photos, videos and memories
  56. Write letters to your future children 
  57. Plan next years vacation 
  58. Invent your own card game or build your own board game
  59. Start a new challenge (makeup free, plant based eating, no coffee, morning meditations, at home-workouts, start a swear jar, etc.) 
  60. Make a game-plan to change your life (things to do, goals to set, ideas to activate) 
  61. Or if you like your life, just give your soul something it's asking for (sit quietly and just see what you feel most compelled to do or yearning for, then get to it) 


Alright, let's see how many of these we can knock off in these next few weekly vlogs. 

Got any ideas to add to the list? 

Sending all of you lots of love and light during this weird time. Maybe the world needed to slow us down and take a break to reflect.  
To think about the things that matter most, appreciate our health and our loved ones, enjoy our own company and prepare ourselves for our next season.  When the sun comes back up and we all exit our comfort caves, perhaps we might find the world a bit of a better place. 
I'll be working on some extra content in the meantime so you know whether you're alone through this or not, you've got this Koze corner to keep you company digitally.

Until then, stay healthy and light!  
We're all in this together... literally ✨


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Nikki March 17 2020

You’re amazing ily

Miranda March 17 2020

Really great ideas – I am looking forward to spending a day for myself and refueling my over-worked, tiresome body with healthy vibes! We can do this.

whitley March 17 2020

love this and would like to add a no shame Twilight marathon to the list because its a whole mood right now because its raining where I live!
Also puzzles like jigsaw old school style! keeps the brain sharp too

Also I’m doing a no heat challenge on my hair so braid ideas and such are always welcome!

Carina March 17 2020

Wow, I knew I love you and your thoughts etc but this is amazing. I’m freaking out at home so definitely gonna try out those tips.
Btw can’t wait for those vlogs coming up :)

Emily March 17 2020

I LOVE this! Quarantine season is the new Koze season. I totally recommend planting seeds as an activity! If you already have the stuff at home it’s super fun and so gratifying to watch them grow

Kaylew March 17 2020

Great ideas! Feeling motivated 😊

Meg March 17 2020

1. Self care routine
2. Online shopping
3. Journaling
4. Paint nails
5. Pin new locations on google maps to travel to
6. Puppy cuddles
7. Work on upcoming blog posts and content

Sarah March 17 2020

I love this so much

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