This is Living.


My dear,

you have not learned to love yourself for long,

and yet here you are, making space; 

making progress.

It’s okay to take your time with this.

It’s best if you go slow.

Without force, allow yourself to flow with the energies

that dance in and outside of you. 

Let yourself cry, and then let yourself laugh. 

Take time for yourself, and then

fill your spare hours with the company of good people. 

Go one step forward,

and then take a step back to breathe. 

Let go of the structures you’ve built,

burn away your rules and reputation,

dare to live in honour of the moment.

Understand your ways of feeling safe

so you can learn what it’s like to choose love and feel free.

This will take time, this will not be linear.

The answers will not come quick

and the results will take even longer.  

You may utilize the mind but keep it tamed. 

Move past the fear of being

deep within your nature. 

This is living from the heart and gut.

This is dancing with the spirit. 

This is not easy work. 

Do it anyway. Keep going. 

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Amy Grace November 25 2021

Beautiful Kalyn! thank-you for sharing.

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