GYST Binder 101: How-To

Where do you keep your adulting shit?

Accordion file folder? 3-Ring Binder? Tossed in a box? Scattered in different places? No idea? WhAt ArE aDuLtInG?

If having your shit together is high on your priority list but you don't yet have an adulting system in place to keep your mimosa-sipping, Sunday-lounging, unbothered thrive of self in tact -- you need to make yourself an adult binder. 

You can easily interchange the sections below into an accordion file if that's more your thing.  Personally, I tried and failed every year since 2013 until last year when I finally caved and reverted back to my high-school "write sappy lyrics all over a piece of paper and slip it in the front pocket" binder ways.

Here's why I love it: 

  1. You can personalize it more
  2. It's easier to flip through and find what you need
  3. It's just all-around cuter don't @ me 

What you need: 

How to build it: 

1) Start with a brainstorm! I'll list you out all the folder subjects I used but what works for one doesn't always work for another so I'd recommend sitting down and drafting up a few important adult things you know you need to have, keep track of or organize.  

2) Divide your adulting needs into the binder using envelopes (dividers optional: this year I just used tape as labels for each section) 

Here are mine: 

- 2020 Work Receipts/Expenses

- 2020 Personal Receipts/Expenses

- 2020 Important Mail/Bills

- 2020 Monthly Budget Print-Out

- Cool Keeps: Cards, notes, movie tickets, concert tickets, funky business cards from places you visit, air plane tickets, photo booth pictures, etc.

- Official Documents (Passport, Health Card, Cheque Book, etc.) 

- Car Insurance + Paperwork 

- Work + Business Paperwork

- Misc. (things you don't need but don't want to throw away like instructions)

- I also use the front pocket for gift cards I'm gifted and then back binder pocket for business cards + printed photos

3) Update daily, weekly or monthly. 

Personally, I keep all of my receipts in one wallet and then once/twice a month I pull them all out, divide them up with my mail and update any folders in the binder.  

For the first 2-3 updates I would recommend setting an alarm or reminder on your phone.  If you're going from rarely ever book-keeping your existence to suddenly now adulting like a pro, the reminders are helpful to build the habit of keeping this thing updated (because that's the only way it's actually going to work)

And trust me, come next year when it has worked... the payoff is beyond worth it. 

 Another fun tip: if you want to take it the extra mile, last year I printed out my grocery list, packing check list, GYST list, yearly budget and any other official list I made, punched some holes in them and kept them up at the front! 

You can add folders of projects you may be working on, pictures you've sketched/doodled or anything else that can't be tucked away in a journal!



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btdaaynxvw August 11 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Alia February 25 2021

I turn 18 in 5 days and I can’t wait to try this out. Definitely need to get my GYST and thanks to Kalyn, adulting is not that intimidating! 🤍

Kelsie April 25 2020

Great tips from Kalyn and the comments! A few pieces of advice I have and use would be to include your work payment stubs once they’re given to you (if they’re direct deposited into your online account, possibly print off those documents too) and also to keep a notebook of your account statements every-so-often just to double check with your online bank statements. I do this in a notebook and the double check with my online bank account just to make sure everything evens out with both places, that way if my card or account information was hacked, I can easily spot it and put an end to it. Hopefully these tips can help someone else out too!

Emily Burkhead February 5 2020

I just started doing this in 2020, and it really did make me feel more adult, haha! I busted out an accordion folder that I happened to already have, but the binder is a lot cuter.
Emily Burkhead

Molly February 2 2020

Currently, everything I have is all messy in a drawer. I can’t WAIT to set this up! Beginning my new full-time job and these are just the adulting tips I need! THANK YOU!

Dee Kling February 2 2020

You are so motivating and inspire me with every video or podcast!!! Thank You for being You‼️

Ashley January 21 2020

I’ve actually made one of these in the last year or so, but got out of the habit of using it. Need to start getting into that again!

Pia January 19 2020

Cant even describe how you motivate me… for real

Globetrotting Lottie January 19 2020

Goal for this year is to keep my receipts – they just seem to go missing! Your organisation skills are commendable though.

Madie January 16 2020

Friday afternoon activity: check

Eileen January 16 2020

This is a great idea, I’m going to do Myne today. So tired of the mess.

Stephanie Jean January 16 2020

Currently using a filling cabinet but it needs a major reset.

Taylor Shirley January 16 2020

Hi koze crew, I wanted to say thank you for always helping me find motivation to get my life together or to keep pushing when I’m falling apart. I am inspired by all of the videos that Kalyn post both on her personal and the koze account. My life recently has been at an all time low and Kalyn’s motivational videos/coffee talks really help me to keep going and to always do my best.🖤 xoxo y’all are the bomb

Jillian January 15 2020

This seems like a great idea, might have to try this!

neha January 15 2020

Kalyn, you are the best! You inspire me so much to be better:)

Ashtyn January 15 2020

I DEFINITELY need to do this. It’s such a great way to get organized and my life needs more organization for sure! :)

Linda @ the Fitty January 15 2020

I think a lot of us would LOVE if you came up with a downloadable print-out!

Erin January 15 2020

I really needed this! I need to have a place for all my important documents and receipts. Thank you Kalyn!

Amy January 15 2020

Really want to do this! I’ll persuade my husband too… All our documents are in a box. So hard to find something when you need it! I love how organized this is and you can just flip to what you need.

Ashlee January 15 2020

I’m currently doing this right now, I love everything organization. So I get a lot of excitement doing this. 🖤

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