How To Plan Your Spring Cleaning Projects


Spring is *almost* here which means the incentive to refresh and revamp our energy and our spaces is strong.  Typically when we think about spring cleaning, we think of deep cleaning and de-cluttering our homes, which is definitely a satisfying project, but below you'll find examples of different ways you can plan out multiple projects to refresh your energy this season.

Let's begin with the basics: where is your spring cleaning focus?

  • Home/Storage/Closets/Specific Rooms
  • Accounting & Finances
  • Routine, Habits & Lifestlye
  • Your Look, Wardrobe & Self-Care
  • Digital Devices, Photo/Video Files & Social Media Platforms
  • Soul Work or Energy Work

Then decide: what is your goal with this focus?

  • Home: de-clutter, deep clean, reorganize
  • Finances: organize, budget, save for a goal, financial security
  • Routine: lifestyle change, alignment, health & growth
  • Look: refresh, pampering, a change, fun
  • Digital Devices: organize, utilize, update

Finally: it's time to make a plan!
Examples of the above:


  • Map out your designated spring cleaning areas
  • Bedrooms, office, laundry room, closets, kitchen drawers
  • Decide on your de-cluttering method [DO THIS BY ROOM OR BY PURPOSE]
  • List/Box/Pile 1 - donate or mindfully remove
  • List/Box/Pile 2 - repurpose or repair
  • List/Box/Pile 3 - keep and reorganize
  • Make your deep cleaning checklist
  • Remove and sort items
  • Wipe down/dust/sweep
  • Reorganize
  • Refinish - candles, nice smelling spray, decor



  1. Collect a full record of your accounts/bills/statements
  2. Make note of your current income, account balances, savings, owing/debt, on-going accounts/bills
  3. Go through and categorize what your expenses are [make instant cuts to accounts you don't need and minimize your expenses as much as possible]
  4. Set up remaining bill payment reminders or auto-withdrawals
  5. Set a savings goal and timeline
  6. Budget out a plan for expenses, savings goal and leftover funds for day-to-day living
  7. Pick a day to check in on your budget and accounts



  1. Look at your goal and decide on the methods (habits) that will help you get there
  2. Habit stack your routine to make it easier to flow through.  For example: Wake up, meditate, go for a walk, make breakfast.
  3. Time block and plan the best sequence for your new routine by looking at an hourly breakdown.  Be sure to include hours already designated to work, school or other commitments and leave space for free time and transitioning.
  4. Come up with a method to push through when you want to abandon your plan [tracking list, pep talk, motivational board, buddy system, etc.]



  • Decide on a goal or project for the season or longer.  For example: starting a garden.
  • Starting with the finished, desired result, map each step to your goal or project out backwards.  Be sure to include time for each step as well.
  • Create a list of potential materials or needs in order to make this goal or project happen.
  • Decide how you will incorporate working on this goal or project into your daily or weekly routine. 
  • Create a system to keep yourself on track.  For example: set phone reminders, create a tracking checklist, etc.



  • Look at your goal and get inspired by styles, ideas & more by brainstorming or dream boarding
  • Do you want to change up your hair, try out some new styles, minimize your routines, be more lush with your body care, try a new makeup look?
  • Pull out all of your clothing and organize
  • Try on and sort into piles of donate, repair & keep
  • Keep a running list of BASICS you need to fill out your wardrobe
  • Try to find pieces that work for multiple outfits and fit your lifestyle
  • Organize into seasons and decide on best storing method
  • Reorganize back into your closet
  • Pull out all of your beauty, skin and body care products
  • Clean your self-care routine space
  • Bathroom, vanity, etc — organize your products and mindfully remove what you don't use
  • Reorganize and set up in a way that you will be inspired to do your skin/makeup routine


  • What needs to be healed/released? What is weighing you down?
  • What do you need in order to heal or release this?
  • Work with a therapist?
  • Write a letter expressing your feelings?
  • Get rid of old relationship baggage?
  • Release limiting beliefs with a ritual?
  • Seek out life-coaching?
  • Change up your lifestyle to better support yourself?
  • Write a manifesto in the present tense of how you wish to shift your energy and focus in the spring.  Keep it somewhere handy where you can read it *as if* regularly.
  • Start a daily or weekly journal routine to check in, keep releasing and to read over and possibly tweak your manifesto.



  1. Collect your devices into one place. 
  2. Create a backup of your devices before beginning.
  3. Start with storage: delete what is no longer needed or necessary and organize photos, videos, files and anything else into folders or onto hard drives.
  4. Next, move onto emails and accounts: keep a log of passwords, delete accounts no longer in use, organize emails into coordinating folders.
  5. Organize and utilize your home page, apps, and device settings.  Change up your wallpaper and customize your device to your current enjoyment.
  6. Sanitize your actual devices and finalize with optional cases, coverings, etc.
  7. Store in a safe space, organize a charging station.


These are just a few of the ways you can spring clean different areas of your life.  If you have any others, be sure to share them in the comments below.

So, what will you be GYSTing this spring season?

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Isa April 6 2022

I am going to do some spiritual clean up. I have been spiritual seeking for I feel like my whole life, but unpleasant experiences have made me stagnant in continuing to learn and be open for it. So this spring I’m doing some burning rituals, setting new intentions and opening myself up again for all that is out there.

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