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"Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity."― C.G. Jung


In a world where you were born, at a particular time, in one specific place, on a particular day, could you imagine if there were special instructions left for you to find? The bare-bones and hidden truths, unique only to your genetic and spiritual coding and no one else... something that could guide you to your life purpose, help you distinguish your sabotaging behaviours, and determine the difference between your ego and your soul.

Well, friends... this exists, and today we're going to decode them.  

Today we will be translating our birth charts.  


What is a birth chart? 

Your birth chart is an imprint of how the planets were aligned when your soul entered this world and you took your first breath.


How does this relate to reading your daily horoscope? 


The horoscope you've read most of your life is likely the sign connecting to the sun's position when you were born. While this is a general basis of your galactic alignment, it is only the very surface of what the stars have to say about you.


How do you find your birth chart? 

You will need your time of birth, date of birth, and location of birth. 

Plug these into any birth chart generator, and you'll discover the alignments of the planets at the very moment passed the realm between the otherworld and this one. 

Here's the one I used in the video:


Once you have your birth chart, look at the different planets and which house and sign they rest in. You are a unique individual, and will likely see various houses and planets different than that of your friends, family and coworkers—Let's decode what they mean. 

The 12 Houses: 

There are 12 houses in every birth chart. It is normal to be missing a few houses, but this does not mean they don't play an active role in your life. Each house represents an area of your life, and each zodiac sign connects you with the archetype of that house. The planets placed in the houses rule the energy that flows in and out of the house. 

Here are some general meanings behind each house: 

1st House: your first impression, your body, your appearance, your initial energy. The zodiac sign that you find here is always your rising or ascendant sign.  This is likely how people perceive you upon initial greeting.  

2nd House: your finances, income and work.  It connects with your material goods as well as your senses. 

3rd House: Social activities, communicating with others, communicating with yourself via thinking, relationships with siblings, neighbours and your greater community.  

4th House: Your family, sense of home, where your plant yourself, the foundation of your life.

5th House: Romance, self-expression, childlike spirit, love, creativity, abundance, light energy.

6th House:  Your sense of health, your general fitness, daily habits and care of oneself.  Taking care of your responsibilities.

7th House: The partnerships you enter in your life, such as marriage or business partnerships. 

8th House:  Intimacy, sex, mystery, your inner wildling.  This house can also include things like inheritances or loans.  

9th House:  Your higher education, law, wisdom and travel.  This house is also connected to ones religion and respect for and exploring of other cultures.  

10th House: Your public persona, your boundaries, your life structure and achievements. This house can also point to soul purposes or promising career paths.

11th House: Working with a team, group, organization, charity, rebellion, cause. This planet rules invention and evolution.  

12th House: Connection to the soul and spirit, art and self-study.  Exploration of the unconscious, dreams and anything otherworldly.


The Planets: 

In every person's birth chart, each planet is positioned in a specific house, which will rule over a general area of your life and fate. The planets mapped out are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and sometimes you may see things like your True Node, Vulcan and Earth. The alignment of these planets in your birth chart is what makes it so unique to you. Their symbolism is listed below. 

The Sun: This is your primary identity, personality, sense of self. 

The Moon: Your inner world, your thoughts, your emotions, your solitude.

Mercury: Your sense of logic and rationality. Intellect, communication, and cleverness. 

Venus:  How you love, your interests in life, your muses. 

Mars: Your sense of aggression, determination, passion, ambition. The energy that propels you forward. 

Jupiter: Your ability to expand. Your sense of abundance. Life philosophies and fortunes.  

Saturn: Your professional persona and achievements. Your sense of discipline and resilience. Your soul purpose, unique to you.  

Uranus: The planet of the future, the planet of change. Rebellion, revolutions, and coming together as comrades. 

Neptune: The unknown, the unseen, the spiritual, the magical. Creativity and intuitiveness.  

Pluto: Power and destructions. The cycles of life and transformation. 


Now, pin the pieces together on your chart... 

Beginning with the planets, link the house and sign of the planetary placement and decode what you believe this may symbolize to you. An example:

My Moon is in Libra in my 7th house. This could mean...

  • In my mind and alone time, I strive for harmony and balance. 
  • Being in my seventh house, I aim to please the relationships closes to me both, personally and professionally 
  • I look for easy-going relationships
  • When given time to think, I can usually see all sides of an argument or step into someone else's shoes 
  • I value deep partnership and seek to find balance in my professional and personal life
  • When things are not in harmony, I spend my alone time in duress or unease
  • It's possible for me to get so lost in thought that I lose a sense of the world around me 
  • I get a sense of security through my closest relationships. 


This is just my own translation of this alignment. Feel free to take this further, sourcing other information to dive deeper into the meanings of both the planets and the houses until you begin to uncover a translation that connects with you. It may take going over your birth chart a few times with various symbolisms before you really start to fill in and understand it in a way that rings true to you; but this is an excellent place to start. ✨


Happy charting, stay warm, and stay kind. 





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