To All The Daughters...


There are a few of my journal entries I always come back to.  This one in particular I turned into a poem video and featured in Dancing With Elephants! I don't talk about it often, but aside from my older sister I didn't grow up with much of a female role model to turn to for life's challenges and questions but I don't necessarily mind; at least not as as much as I used to!  
I realize that had I not had to work through my obstacles on my own, I'm not sure I would have ever picked up my pen to write or my camera to document.

That said, there are still days when life hits me in the face and I'm stuck wishing there was a safe place to run and hide, hearing the comforting words that would make any problem seem small and easily conquerable.  This has become one of those safe places.

Should you ever need a pep-talk, daughter to daughter, you'll know where you can always go!


To all the daughters, 


Don't run from pain.

Let it take you and teach you.


Instead of seeking perfection, embrace what is unique.

In chasing a perfect illusion, you cut yourself off from all the beauty in the chaos.


Travel light through life.

Keep only what you need and seek out laughter when you feel heavy.


Being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak.

It makes you strong.


If you’re not real with yourself you’ll stay stuck running around your own house of mirrors.


Everyone has flaws.


Hiding from your responsibilities doesn’t make them go away.


Believe in your ability to accomplish whatever awaits you.


It’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be.


People deserve a second chance...but know your boundaries.

 There are very rarely things worth a third and fourth chance.


Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.


Never underestimate the power of a solo Friday night relaxing at home.


Happiness isn't a permanent state, but wholeness and wellness can be.


If you have an opinion, it's best to be able to back it up.


You already have enough.


You already are enough.


Ice cream is always a good idea.


So is a good stretch.


Happy impulses are often fleeting.


Dance whenever the feeling arises.


Be open to saying yes.


Learn how to give a firm no.


Read and watch the classics. They’re classics for a reason.


No man is ever worth playing down your intelligence.

If they can’t handle your fire, they don’t get your flame.


Don’t let high school be the best years of your life.


Keep your love close but your friends in the same radius. 


The only way out of something is to work your way through it.


Self-esteem is just a self estimate. Don't aim low.


Trust your intuition.


Follow your gut.


Also trust your heart but keep some common sense with you.


You are not all the horrible things you believe in your darkest hour.


Your past only defines you if you keep highlighting it.


You are so much more than your age, face and size.


Never let a day go by without listening to music.


The only wrong decision is not making one.


Be unapologetic.


Unless you mess up, then apologize and own your shit.


Take good care of yourself. 


Eat healthy foods.  


Go to bed early... 

 But know some of your best memories will be made the nights you stayed out late.


Fall in love with seeing the world through your own eyes.


Be yourself, especially when you're most afraid to.


Appreciate all the differences that create contrast in our world.


When someone shows you who they are, believe it.


You are your sun.


If it won’t matter in 3 months or 3 years, it doesn’t need to matter so much now.


Other women are your allies not your competition.


Comparing yourself is the fastest track to misery.


Jump in with all of your clothes on.


Jump in with all your clothes off.


Laugh as much as humanly possible.


Forgive the moment for not being what you hoped it would be.


You can always take a deep breath and begin again.


Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.


Never, ever underestimate what you are capable of.


...unless you’re drinking.


Know your worth.


Keep your head up.


Believe in life's magic.


Believe in your magic. 


Own your confidence.


Be compassionate.


wear the bold lipstick.



Photos Taken By Amanda Kuo 



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Daniela June 8 2020

This is so beautiful!!

Anna March 28 2020

I think I will always come back to this. I will check-in how I feel now. Maybe how I felt then and create a what I will feel
Thank you Kalyn ❤️
This is inspiring to keep your head up and your goals to.

el March 28 2020


Emily Burkhead March 1 2020

Yes to ALL of this! Great advice for any situation <3
-Emily B

Rachel March 1 2020

This was beautiful. I needed this. “You are your sun.”

Wendy February 23 2020

Truly such a beautiful post, I will remember to come back to this when I need a little boost. x

Lauren February 23 2020

Thank you for this. The world needs more people like you: a human being spreading love and kindness.

Kalyn, you’re a Queen. 👑

Emily February 23 2020

Just the thing I needed to put a smile on my face this Sunday evening. Truly some great life advice, you should do coffee talks on some of these individual points; they are all so important.

Nichole February 23 2020

I rewatch this video often and have it saved in my favorites YouTube playlist. It’s perfect for when you just need the Big Sis/ Wise Cool Aunt Gypsy advice haha

Ntalee February 23 2020

This is exactly what I needed. I’ve never had a sister and my mother was not a positive person to look up too. You’re like my big sister and your content always comes exactly when I need it. I love you 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

Natasha February 16 2020

Yup, that was a heart to heart I needed at this moment. I always stumble upon your writing or videos exactly when they relate to what I am feeling at that time or that day.

Emily February 16 2020

I discovered you recently on YouTube and all your videos are amazing. I’ve read books you’ve reccomended and everything you write is amazing

Joey Davis February 16 2020

You are such a gorgeous human being🖤. Inside and out

Bernice February 16 2020

Thanks for this, Kalyn! My week has been quite tough but thank you for reminding me my worth. Luv u! :)

Gerda February 16 2020

This is really beautiful. I needed this so much today, right now. Thank You.

lana February 10 2020

You are definitely something special Kalyn Nicholson. Keep on sharing you.

lucie February 10 2020

honestly, that is 100% what I needed to read this Sunday evening, I am aware of the rough week that lies ahead and I think reflection and inspiration are exactly what I need. Have a good week loves.

Mayar February 10 2020

Wow. You. This. Everything. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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