Intuitive, Mindful, Chill, Cozy

CONTENT: Coffee brews will be focused on getting real, getting vulnerable and real-time events going on in the world as well as with life.

QUIZ PERSONALITY: You're deeply connected, expressive and open-minded. Your refreshing soul and vulnerability brings life and energy to those around you. Being a natural empath, you tend to have a way of opening people up and aren't afraid to talk about the true heart of any matter. Your sensitive nature makes you border-line psychic; you can practically sense when the world is buzzing with joy or crying in despair.




Happy, Motivating, Energetic, Powerful

CONTENT: Espresso brews will be focused on GYST content, adulting and motivating tips and tricks.

QUIZ PERSONALITY: You achieve anything you set your mind to and have a natural zest for life. Like a beacon of light, you shine in any room. You’re the perfect balance of comforting confidence; richly flavoured and always a favourite amongst a crowd. Naturally independent, you tend to stand out without effort and others are drawn to your powerful energy. You're here with a mission and nothing will stop you. 



Spiritual, Unique, Dreamy, Fun

CONTENT: Cosmic brews will be focused around spirituality, the hypothetical and the occasionally spiked strike of inspiration. 

QUIZ PERSONALTY: Your flowy nature and open mind makes you a forward thinker that evolves with change. As life unfolds, you remain curious to the unknown and move fearlessly with wide-eyes towards the undiscovered corners of life that many shy away from. You’re a unique flavour, and not everyone can handle your dynamic layers; but no one can deny your free-spirit and dreamy state of wonder that often leaves many bewildered.



Responsible, Balanced, Inspiring, Leader

CONTENT: Decaf brews will be focused around health, wellness and the environment.

QUIZ PERSONALTY: You always keep it real, ready to work hard and stay open to learning and growing along the way. People gravitate towards you for your level-headed nature and wisely grounded perspective. You've got your priorities straight and therefore focus on what matters most in life, rarely falling prey to toxic temptations. Always a quality brew, you never settle for less than you deserve and fight for others and the world to receive the same. You continue to change the world by constantly evolving and changing yourself.